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Leadership Team

Karen Greenwood

Karen is responsible for the Children’s ministry and assists in pretty much every other part of Church life.

Paul Rosenberg

Paul heads up the worship in church and is involved in all things practical.  He is a key member in the ‘Uth’ and housing support teams and is happily married to the wonderful Alison.

Dave & Lea Spencer

Dave and Lea got married in 2010 and run PGCC Uth, and the associated charity Pye Green Youth and Community Services together.  

Hazel Potts

Hazel has been praying for PGCC since it began. She is the church’s hidden prayer engine and loves interceding for others.

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Dennis & Joan Spencer

Dennis & Joan head up the PGCC leadership team and planted the church in 1990.

You will find them doing anything from homeless work to art classes, renovating buildings, and feeding the masses.

Senior Leaders

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