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If you come along to one of our Sunday meetings you’ll find we generally sing to worship God, we read the bible seeing what God’s saying to us through it and we pray for one another.  

We believe that worshipping God is the main event when we meet together and sometimes we wont do anything else.  We don’t breakup the meeting with loads of notices and we never take an offering or ask for money.  We believe in and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Normally at our main meetings there will be around 20-30 of all age ranges.

Meetings are informal, friendly and open to anyone to come along.

Morning Meeting

Generally a healthy mixture of worship and teaching with young people’s church for 0-12 year olds.

Evening Meeting

We Worship God, we drink coffee, we look at what God is saying to us today and we pray for one another.

Church Meal

Once a month we bring food to the church centre building and eat it with each other.

Learn 2 Worship

Paul and Dave work with those who have a heart to worship God and want to learn musical instruments.

Women’s Group

Currently studying the bad girls of the bible.  We also pray, chat, go out for meals and encourage one another in living the life God has for us.


For teens to twenty some things: A gathering meets at Dave and Lea’s house to eat donuts and learn about the bible.

We’re currently working though the

Full Flame teaching series on

evangelism.  Each week we are

challenged to pick up God’s call for

us to make more disciples.

Watch  the video right for more info.

Uth Night

Four Hours spent so anyone who’s at secondary school can have a place to go.  We play pool, table tennis and football.  Then at 8pm we all eat hotdogs while someone talks about what God is doing in their lives.  There is no charge, but we do have a well stocked vending machine if you just have to spend this weeks EMA.

What to expect ?


10 AM

7 PM

1.30 PM

Every first Sunday of the Month

3 - 6 PM